Friday, February 10, 2012

Waiting Game...

The weather here has been terrible and although I drove past our block yesterday - there's been nothing happening yet.

MJH also said we would get info of our site supervisor (SS) and their contact details - but nothing as of yet so we're just playing a pretty boring waiting game.

In the meantime we've been looking at what we're going to put into the new house and have found a few things we like.

We have the width of the fridge space but not the height or depth, but here's the fridge we're (hoping) will fit -

We didn't think it was necessary to get a water filter as part of our package is a filter at the sink, and we know how much space it takes up inside the door so we went without. Hoping we won't regret that decision later on!

We also need a new lounge for the home theatre room, a new dining table and TV. We're not in a desperate hurry for a dishwasher - well it's not a priority for us yet - D would much prefer getting a 2nd (and 3rd TV) then a dishwasher.

We had our electrical appt a few weeks back and spent $1500 on upgrades. Most of the money went into extra power points, a few slimline power points in the kitchen (and a few the same colour as our glass splash back). We also got 5 TV points (one in A's room - although an actual TV would be a long way away!) as well as an outdoor power point and a few upgraded light switches. We're hoping our sparky will be able to do all our down lights, heater/fan/lights in the bathrooms and fan/lights for us once we get the keys (and save us a fair bit of money too!)

Here's just some ideas for what we are after -

Bedrooms (besides ours) -

Our Bedroom - 

We're hoping to have a sensor in our wardrobe (depending on price) and down lights in the hallway, dining, kitchen and alfresco 

Bathrooms - 
$99 plus $30 installation versus $450 MJH was going to charge us

Would love one of these above the dining table with 4 down lights in the corners - 

D hasn't stopped talking about these up/down exterior lights ever since we first thought of building - 

And he wants to put something like this in A's room - 

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